Urea 46 percent (Carbamide) is a chemical material generated in petroleum refineries. This substance is used in agriculture to the tune of 90% of the time. This is a fertilizer that dissolves in water. Biuret is the most frequent pollutant in urea. As a result, the optimal urea is one with a low biuret content (less than 1%).

The shapes and sizes available include Granular, Prilled, and Technical.


The farming sector uses over 90% of the urea generated across the world. A range of nitrogen fertilizers are made from this substance. Among other chemicals, this material has the most nitrogen. When urea-based fertilizers are applied to the soil, they can be transformed to ammonia and carbon dioxide. Bacteria inside the soil convert ammonia to nitrate, which is easily taken up by plants. Because of the significant impact these fertilizers have on crop growth, they have gained popularity in the agriculture market. This product is utilized in other industries as well.

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