Sulphur bentonite 90 is a fertilizer that has Sulphur and Bentonite as its main ingredients. The optimal formula is one that contains 90% sulphur. Sulfur is the one of the four elements that plants require to survive. As a result, this substance is among the most widely used in agriculture. Particularly in places where the crop soils are alkaline.
Also after NPK the 4th element Sulphur in Sulphur bentonite is a vital nutrient for plants, helping them to grow and develop properly. The bentonite clay in the fertilizer acts as a carrier for the Sulphur, helping to release it slowly over time and preventing it from leaching away.

We are the proud exporters of Sulphur Bentonite 90% for the Sustainable Farming Worldwide!


“Sulphur bentonite 90” is a granulated Sulphur fertilizer that the bentonite inside of ot progressively absorbs and swells when it is applied to the soil. Sulphur bentonite disintegrates in the soil as a result of the volume rise, and its Sulphur turns into tiny little particles, causing its easy absorption.
Sulphur bentonite is typically used to provide Sulphur to crops that require high amounts of the nutrient, such as oilseeds, pulses, sugar cane and some fruits and vegetables.

As a result, It is particularly useful in soils that are deficient in Sulphur. Also the plants’ Sulphur requirements are met, and the PH of alkaline soils is improved, making it easier to adjust.

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