BTS has started in the Sulphur field, Bitumen, and some fertilizers and petrochemical products. Although our focus is sulfur, The BTS supply some other range of agriculture industry, including fertilizers, Sulphur micronized Powder, bentonite Sulphur 90, Urea. And we have remarkable achievements with a wide range of farming & related industries fields (like as Sulfuric acid manufacturers,)

BTS operates in the sulphur industry and sells Granule, Lump, Pastille, and Flake to a number of nations throughout the world.

We have a large number of commercial sector and government customers across the world. Some are end-users, while others are wholesalers or importers (Producer of Chemical fertilizer production plants, sulphuric Acid, etc.) Both in private and governmental sectors, we have extensive experience in all facets of business and agriculture. BTS has collaborated directly with locals to establish a new method of producing the goods, owing to our capacity to generate creative and innovative solutions to complicated agricultural challenges.

BTS has pledged to provide products of the greatest quality. We aim for excellence in service and product, influenced by current technology, budget schedules, and clients’ demands. Our reputation, which has become associated with the word BTS , is one of excellence and innovation.

BTS missions

  • BTS must be as the major supplier of Sulphur in ASIA
  • In the supply chain, cargo quality and on-time services are our top focus and concern.
  • From the Middle East to Central Asia, we have strong supply capabilities from a variety of refineries and petrochemical plants.
  • After signing contracts, we ship promptly.
  • Branches in “Uzbekistan and Thailand” are doing business well.
  • Dedicated and motivated managers and members


  • To expand and strengthen our position in the sulphur market worldwide.
  • To diversify our supplier chain beyond the Middle East and into Central Asia.
  • To be recognized as a dependable raw material provider for the Acid Sulphuric and Fertilizers industries in Asia.
  • To be acknowledged as a dependable Urea provider in the region’s agriculture industry.
  • Our goal is to expand our market in East Asia, Africa, and Europe.
  • To improve and expand our bulk transportation based on CFR incoterms to any and all corners of the globe
  • Our goal is to expand our market in the USA, East Asia, Africa, and Europe.


In line with our trade, we give some services to our buyers like as: good packaging, Transportation from origin to destination based on their accordingly standards and a regular program, shipping, and delivery of the goods to the buyer in the destination.

If the cargo needs to keep in the warehouse, we do this work based on our commitment and standard methods of warehousing.

Our sales to our clients are doing under the Incoterms law.


We mostly deal with Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan-sourced products.

In this respect, we provide complete logistic services as well as additional services such as port storage and trans-loading, as well as cargo packaging and accumulation prior to delivery.

Our goal is to become a trusted partner for our clients who are looking for mutually rewarding, long-term relationships as well as high-quality goods & services.


In 2016,  BTS trademarked to commercialize petroleum and petrochemical goods including sulphur and urea.


BTS is a major supplier of sulphur in the Middle East, as well as a producer of Sulphur Bentonite Fertilizer (S 90).